Friday, May 30, 2008

Make a Joyful noise.....

I was raised in a family where music was very important. My grandfather was a gospel songwriter, both my parents sing and have their whole lives. My brother, sister and I grew up in GISD and we were all in the choir. We were taught music and I am happy to say we can "sight read." That basically means we can look at music, find the key that it is in, and read/sing it in shape notes like Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do! Tyler has been so interested lately in learning new songs. He seems to really love to sing and is always asking for us to teach him a new song or sing a song with him that we already know. I just love hearing his voice. Some of the songs that we sing together are Rise and Shine, Zaccheaus, If You're Happy and you Know It, God Is So Good, Oh Be Careful Little Eyes, and This Little light of Mine. We have 4 or 5 CD's that we rotate through that we call Tyler's music. For those of you who know Ryan, he is very much into old gospel music, hymns, and Gaither quartet songs. Tyler has even been asking Ryan to teach him these songs which Ryan is all over. He loves the idea of Tyler knowing these songs and having them on his heart. I still have these songs on my heart from when I learned them as a little girl. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord! Psalm 100:1


Jaime said...

Does Ryan have the old Gaither "Kids Under Construction" tape? (hah, yes, tape ;-)

If not I will look for mine - the boys would love it!

Laura said...

So wonderful girl. Kids learn so much through music you know? A great way to teach them about the Lord.
I love the new header!!