Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hair Bows....Yay!

I think every mom gets excited when they can finally put hair bows in their daughter's hair.
Well, I have found how to tame the Elvis hair.

She has this longer patch on top that is growing so much faster than the rest and it is enough to stay in a bow.

She hates for me to mess with it but once it's in there she doesn't notice it I guess.


Ben, Sheila, & Isaac said...

Such a pretty girl!

Deanna said...

So pretty....can't wait for that!

Amy said...

What a little princess!

mommyof5 said...

I love it. We started to do that with Princess at about a month. She had a long strand of hair that went over the right side of her head. We could put it in a pony tail on top or on the side. I just love it. A little while ago we found her hair was long enough to put it all in a pony tail...Too cute!!!