Thursday, May 08, 2008

A New Life

On Monday, Tyler came running in the house the other day said he wanted to show me a worm. I was disgusted and said don't touch it...yuck! He begged me and I finally was able to finish Haylee's bottle and we went to see "the worm." This is what I saw. I thought what a teaching moment. The caterpillar in the top two pictures is spinning/making his silk cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly. I looked up online to see how long it takes for him to become a butterfly and it is usually around 10 days.

By the end of the day this is what he looked like. He was hard at work all day. I am trying to describe to Tyler about how the transformation takes place and how it is like us as sinners and when we ask Christ into our lives we become a new life. Still a little hard for him to understand but hopefully I planted some seeds. So we will keep waiting and watching for our New Life to emerge. (What is the chance's of me catching the butterfly with my camera as he comes out of his cocoon?)


Deanna said...

That's so neat the Tyler was able to see that! We had tons last year on my "mini pansies" and a few decided to stay cocoon on our roof edge. We didn't get to see any transform, but were happy to give them a spot to do so! Steven's mom goes out and finds Monarch butterfly eggs every year and the kids at school watch the whole process in her little "bug barn".

Ben, Sheila, & Isaac said...

What a great opportunity to teach Tyler about our transformation as Christians. I hope you are able to see the butterfly "hatch"!

Skavoovie said...

Check early in the mornings. I understand they come out in the early morning more than any other time.