Friday, May 16, 2008

Smart Shopper

I left the room for a little bit and came back to find her searching through some of mommy's coupons. She is already a smart shopper.

Just a quick cute story, I made a special trip the other day by my parents house on the way to Target to get a coupon for Pampers. I needed formula and Target had diapers on sale and since I get her formula there because of the "value size" I just swung by to get the $2 off coupon. I had put the coupon under her leg in her car seat and (you see where this is going) she found it. I was too busy shopping and wasn't watching her and the next thing I looked over and she was eating my coupon. I told her you just ate $2 dollars. Oh well soon she will be a smart shopper! ;)

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Laura said...

Yeah, one time Max ate one of my coupons - I realized right at the checkout counter. Bummer! Shopping with kids is such multi-tasking!