Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Swim Day

Well, I finally pulled out the old swimming pool. We bought this for Tyler when he was 2 and have only used it one time, when he was TWO. It is really a pain to blow up if you can't tell. I have some wonderful neighbors that have a air compressor and he came over this morning to blow it up for Tyler. That is the way to go man he had that thing done in 5 minutes. When Tyler was 2 I blew it up with a pump. It took about 1 hour!

Sliding down the slide!

This hippo sprays water out of his mouth and Tyler was having fun getting it all over his face.

He is actually supposed to throw the ball through the ring attached to the giraffe. He liked making the balls slide better. I guess we lost the rings that you are supposed to throw onto the elephant's trunk. Fun little pool and a hot day for Tyler to cool off!


Amy said...

What a cute pool! We have almost the exact same one but it has different animals...dolphin, turtle, and fish.

Ben, Sheila, & Isaac said...

How fun! I'll be getting Isaac's little baby pool out soon. It's great to see photos of Tyler too!!!