Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Random Pictures

These are some more random pictures that I thought I would share. Can you tell I got a CD full of pictures from my sister. All of these were from Christmas time except for the last one. This is her cute little beanie....actually it was Macy's beanie when we thought Gunner was going to be a girl. There were a few things that we had left over that we kept for the first girl. Cutie Patootie!

Tyler very excited about opening his stack of presents. We had Scott and Steph open their presents first b/c Steph had do be at work by a certain time. The boys were so patient waiting their turn. Check out that hair that needed to desperately be cut!

This was when I went to the hospital to see my friend Ashley who had just had her baby Jayleigh. Haylee and Jayleigh cute names that rhyme. Miss you Ashley.

This was at Gunner's 6th birthday at Nickelrama. Haylee obviously being offered Diet Coke by my dad. Let's not start that too soon. Pretty blue eyes.

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Deanna said...

LOVE the beenie!