Friday, May 16, 2008

Will the real Elvis please stand up?

Haylee's hair is growing out and is getting a little wild. It is still too thin for bows to stay in but too wild that I have to do something to it! This is what it looked like when I got her up from her nap the other day. It cracked me up! Bless her heart, she had no clue what I was laughing so hard at.

Not sure why mommy is laughing so hard.

Just a little thicker and some side burns she'd be able to impersonate.

Okay, mommy will put the camera up!


Deanna said...

How funny! Love the side by side with Elvis!

Anonymous said...
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Grandma said...

Well that gave me a few chuckles! As always, Haylee's making everyone laugh. Her hair has quite a reddish cast in these.

Ben, Sheila, & Isaac said...

How cute! At least she has some hair!!! :)

Laura said...

Hilarious girl!